Wednesday, September 19, 2018

CONSIST COLLEGE (276703-W) was established to focus on medium and long term Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental related courses to equip the nation with OSH Professionals to meet the present and future demand in the workforce.  In the past, OSH has been regarded as part-time job but current environment allows OSH as a career at par with other professionals within the industry. 
CONSIST has been in OSH Training since 1996 and the upward trend in Safety and Occupational Health awareness among the industry has been very obvious.  Most of the part-time Safety Officers or Practitioners in the workforce are retiring and need to be replaced or Industry need to be injected with new approach of OSH Management System in order to be competitive. 
At CONSIST we always move together with the industries and therefore we are offering school leavers to take-up OSH courses as a career pathway to fill-up vacancies in various sectors.  For the present Safety Officers (SHO), who have obtained certificates and possessed Green Book, CONSIST has a Professional Diploma Program for them to upgrade their qualifications.

Convocation Picture