Wednesday, September 19, 2018


To Be a Well Known and Respectable Education Centre in the Field of Safety, Occupational Health and Environment.

To Produce International Standards of Graduate.


  1. To Produce Graduates Who Are Knowledgeable, Competent And Innovative, This Will Contribute Towards The Human Capital In Engineering Related Industry.
  2. To Produce Graduates Who Have Effective Leadership And Teamwork Skills As Well As Verbal, Non-Verbal And Interpersonal Communication Skills To Support Their Role In Industry.
  3. To Produce Graduates Who Are Committed To The Importance Of Lifelong Learning And Continuous Improvement.
  4. To Produce Graduates Who Practice Professionalism With Ethics And Social Responsibility.
  5. To Produce Graduates Who Are Capable Of Embarking On Business And Entrepreneurial Skill.

Convocation Picture