Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Ar.Hj.Mior Zawari Hassan



Welcome Statement

Dear  Students ,

Welcome to your Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety  Program  with CONSIST College

You have indeed made a wise choice in enrolling into this course which will provide you with the necessary knowledge in the aspects of OSH  Management . You have embarked upon a Program of study designed to educate , stimulate and challenge you . Studying for this Diploma Program is a wholesome experience in itself . Many of you on the program will soon find that the learning process is going to b the most interesting and enriching part of your life , although it will be very demanding . Nevertheless , we hope that your college experience will not be limited to the lecture rooms . You are strongly encouraged to participate actively in our extra-curricular activities and develop other skills which are very needed in your working life in the future such as leadership , social and people skills .

Our teaching staff will support and encourage you to reach your goals and potential on the Program. But remember, ultimately it is up to you to achieve them, the more effort you put into the program , the more you will gain from it .  The real lasting  worth of your educational experience will depend not only on the quality of the teaching you receive but also on your responsibilities to acquire a habit of learning to learn that will last your whole life . Let this time of yours at CONSIST College be the platform of your learning quest , both academically and socially .

Good luck with your studies and together we will work to achieve success .

Ar Hj Mior Zawari Hassan

Chief Executive  , CONSIST College .

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