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Ar. Hj. Mior Zawari Hassan established CONSTRUCTION AND INDUSTRIAL SAFETY TRAINING CENTRE or known as CONSIST in 1996. The idea to establish the training centre emerged from the incidents and accidents happened in the construction industry due to lack of safety knowledge. As an architect, he usually visited construction sites to supervised the progress of the projects and he realized that the safety practices is not in place if no proper effort has been done. For that reason,he had thoroughly observed the particular industry and found that there was no training centre in Malaysia which seriously conducting safety training. From that observation, he established CONSIST with no hesitation, aiming at helping the workers in the Construction Industry. He believed that CONSIST training centre, if been established, will be a different training centre which able to assist nation and industry to reduce accident at the workplace. This believe was supported by his experience after completing a thesis entitled "The Need for Construction Industry Training Centre in Malaysia (Perlunya Pusat Latihan Industri Binaan di Malaysia)" in 1983 as a requisition for his Bachelor's Degree In Architecture in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. This thesis has awarded him the best Architectural Student  in 1983 on account of the originality of ideas. He was also awarded Gold Medal Award from Malaysian Institute of Architects in the same year.

During a short period, his efforts were been recognized by the government and other industries until CONSIST been appointed by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) as safety training provider to conduct scaffolding and crane operator courses in 1997. After years, CONSIST has developed and  recognized by various government agencies and internationally. Among the recognition and achievements received by CONSIST are as follows: -

 CONSIST was established and registered with Registrar of Company on 29th October.
1997  -
 Appointed as training provider for CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) in the field of Scaffolding, Mobile Crane   Operator, Tower Crane, Rigging and Slinging.
1998    -
 Obtained recognition from Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia (DOSH) to conduct safety courses in Crane Operator, Offshore Pedestal Crane, Rigging and Slinging, and courses in Basic, Intermediate and Advance Scaffolding.
1999   -
 Obtained license and recognition from PETRONAS and other offshore operators such as EXXON Mobil, Shell, Nippon Oil and Talisman to conduct safety training to the offshore workers.
2000   - Obtained approval from Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia to conduct Safety and Health Officer course.
 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between CONSIST and Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia in the collaboration to conduct courses in Industrial Fire Safety.
2002   -
 Obtained permission from Jabatan Laut Semenanjung Malaysia to organize Basic Safety Training under STCW Convention 95 course where CONSIST was recognized to conduct safety courses under International Maritime Organization (IMO)
2003   -
 CONSIST was awarded ISO 9001-2000 certificate by Certification         International (UK) Limited.
2003   -
 CONSIST recognized by Offshore Petroleum Industry Training  Organization (OPITO) U.K. to conduct courses in Oil and Gas   Industrial Safety at international level.
2004   -
 CONSIST obtained Business Excellence Award in services by Malaysia Canada Business Council.
2005    - CONSIST College Sdn. Bhd. was established and obtained approval from Department of Private Education , Ministry of Higher Education to conduct Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health studies.  The program was accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency, MQA (formerly known as LAN).
2006    - CONSIST Aviation Sdn. Bhd. was established and recognized by  Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA) to conduct Safety and Survival Training for Aviation Industry.
2007    - CONSIST Aviation starts training helicopter pilots for TUDM, BOMBA and Vietnam Helicopter Company.
2008    -
 Diploma Program in Occupational Safety and Health Management obtained full accreditation from Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).
2008    -
 CONSIST College Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health Management program recognized by Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia (JKKP) where CONSIST graduates can be registered as competent safety officer after 3 years of working experience and able to complete their studies in Bachelor Degree lin OSH at the Curtin University of Technology, Perth within 2 years.

In 14 years of its establishment, CONSIST has trained over 30,000 participants from local and international companies in the safety related courses.

Among the renowned international clients are Schlumberger (USA), Halliburton (USA), Southern Service Flight Company (Vietnam), PETRONAS (Myanmar), Shell Global (Holland), Talisman (Canada), Murphy Oil (USA), Nippon Oil Exploration (Japan), Bredero Price (USA), Oceanearing International (Singapore) and others.

Malaysian government and government agencies which also sending participants for courses in CONSIST are PETRONAS, Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia (DOSH), TUDM, Aviation Unit of Fire and Rescue Malaysia, NIOSH, MINT, Maritime Department, PERHEBAT and many others. The private agencies that participate in CONSIST training are from more than 100 companies from various industries.


He planned to establish CONSIST as a preferred brand in the field of Occupational Safety and Health training and Education in Malaysia. Thus far, he has succeed in realizing it since CONSIST has been renowned in many industries in Malaysia especially the oil and gas and aviation industries which involve the use of helicopter in their training.

Since its establishment for the last 14 years, CONSIST has and will continue promoting Occupational Safety and Health training to all. This includes organizing training and activities with safety concept such as kid safety program, safety team building, safety family day and safety program for housewives. From these experiences he found that industries and individuals recently have started to aware the benefits of investing in the field of Occupational Safety and Health. It is profitable in the sense that the accidents can be prevented and monitored if individuals were given the proper training in Occupational Safety and Health.

He believed Occupational Safety and Health is a field of high demand in all industrial sectors locally or internationally. In Malaysia for example, it is believed that there are 90% of the need for competent safety and health officer. Unfortunately, most of the industries have appointed incompetent safety officer due  to limited competent safety officers available in the market .

Ar. Hj. Mior Zawari Hassan also would like to promote Occupational Safety and Health as a necessary field for all organizations . He aims to make this field as a potential career starting from after school and not as such currently where individual knows about Safety and Health only upon working.

In order to realize this vision, he established CONSIST College with the approval of Higher  Education Ministry in 2005. This college was established with the objective to promote Occupational Safety and Health field to the school-leavers for a prospectus career as equal as the field of Accounting, Architecture, Engineering and many more. Though this field has not yet acknowledged by the parents and Malaysian students, he did believe that this field will be the choice in the near future.

As a start, CONSIST College now offers a 2½ years program accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA): Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health Management. This program gained support and recognition from industries and Department of Occupational Safety and Health. This college accepted its first SPM holders as students in April 2006 with only 9 persons. In April 2009, the intake has been increasing to 50 students. It is expected that more students will register for the coming intake.

Beside the SPM holders, CONSIST College takes the challenge of government by introducing the program which adding up soft skill and interpersonal skills and offers a life-long training program. CONSIST College intended to help the current safety and health officers in industries to improve their qualifications to a higher level thus recognized in their organizations.

Therefore, in 2005, CONSIST has offered Professional Diploma program in Occupational Safety and Health Management part-timely during weekends. As for now, 30 participants have completed their Diploma successfully. It is reported that most of them are now holding the significant positions in their organizations.