Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Safety and Survival Training conducted by CONSIST are recognized by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia.  Other organization that recognized Aviation Safety Training conducted by CONSIST are Royal Malaysian Air Force, Air Wing Unit Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia, Malaysia Helicopter Services, Survival System Canada and Southern and Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company.

Aviation Safety and Survival Training available for Military and Civilians are:

Emergency Breathing System (EBS) 1 Day
Aircraft Underwater Escape Training (AUET) 1 Day
Helicopter Emergency Egress Device System (HEEDS) 1 Day
Personnel Evacuation Training (PET)
 1 Day
Sea Survival Training
 1 Day
Winching and Rescue Training
 1 Day
Dinghy Drill 1 Day
Helicopter Ditching
 1 Day
Others (Can Be Tailor-made)